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Clinical Trials (CT)

CellepathicRx CT solutions have a direct impact on improved performance by weaving mobile phone technology into traditional recruiting and clinical activities.





CellepathicRx CT solutions are used by study Sponsors, CRO’s and Patient Recruitment Agencies to improve the effectiveness of patient recruitment campaigns. More specifically, CellepathicRx CT for recruitment leverages the responsiveness and efficiency of SMS text messages to make an immediate impact on subject recruitment programs. Solutions are designed to naturally integrate SMS call-to-actions into existing recruitment approaches and are customized such that responses by marketing and advertising channel are automatically tracked - providing valuable insight into effectiveness.

Respondents consent to future SMS communications and if desired, are sent pre-screening questions for initial qualification determination, such as gender, location, and year of birth. Candidate information, including cell phone number and responses, are forwarded to appropriate recruitment personnel for follow-up. Potential candidates responding to the recruitment campaigns can be contacted by recruitment staff directly or if pre-screening determines a lack of fit, cost-effective responses can be delivered via SMS.


  • Increased campaign response rates
  • Reduced cost of pre-screen activities
  • Increased number of eligible subjects
  • Savings of recruitment staff time
  • Lower recruitment expenses
  • Reduced recruitment timelines
  • Greater insight into effectiveness of different advertising media

Study Compliance

Lack of compliance to assigned study protocol has a direct impact on the quality, cost, and timeliness of the study. The CellepathicRx CT Compliance solution leverages the intelligence and technology behind the CellepathicRx Adherence product, such as intelligent SMS messaging to help overcome compliance issues.

CellepathicRX CT reminders help improve therapy adherence and appointment attendance rates by sending out precisely scheduled and timed SMS reminders that match the study protocol requirements. If desired, confirmation responses can be requested from the subject further improving compliance and well as proving early warning indicators for non-compliant subjects that are in need of human outreach.

Additional communication messaging regarding study milestones or instructions may also be sent to enrolled subjects – further improving subject care and improving training.


  • Increased adherence to assigned protocol
  • Improved electronic audit trail of participant activities
  • Improved study data for analysis
  • Improved participant communications and care
  • Improved subject retention

Mobile PRO (mPRO)

mPRO provides survey and data collection capabilities directly to a subjects mobile phone that was once only available on the Internet. With nearly 90% of the nation owning cell phones and the use of mobile web browser on a dramatic rise, this intuitive solution is the ideal method to gathering your Patient Reported Outcome (PRO), Quality of Life (QoL), and Clinical Assessment data.

By leveraging the subject’s smart phone browser, study surveys and questionnaires can be delivered and completed in a real-time mode. When combined with the notification capabilities of the CT compliance messaging, mPRO increases the rate and timeliness of survey completion that eMail and paper-based surveys cannot. In addition, subjects enjoy the ease, privacy, speed, and convenience of diary completion right on their phone.


  • Virtually eliminate hardware procurement costs for remote data collection
  • No complex devices to purchase, store, manage, and ship
  • Real-time surveying and assessment data collection
  • Improved subject retention throughout study
  • Reduced subject device training

Software as a Service (SaaS)

CellepathicRx solutions are provided as a hosted and managed service. Clients do not need to buy any additional software, hardware, or devices. CellepathicRx provides the computing environment and software infrastructure and keeps the systems up and running 24/7. The result is faster, more reliable and more cost-effective solutions.

Like all CellepathicRx solutions, the CT solution is fully compliant with the regulatory requirements of the FDA 21 CRF Part 11and HIPAA concerning patient privacy and data protection.


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