CellepathicRx Medication Adherence
Medication Adherence

Over the years, research has continually shown that more than 50% of people that leave a doctor’s office with a prescription do not take their medication as prescribed. This non-adherence creates issues for the patient, the health system and pharmaceutical firms.

CellepathicRx’s adherence solution is designed to address and minimize the known causes for poor compliance, such as unfilled prescription, forgetfulness, and complicated regimen. Our solutions incorporate reminders (e.g. refill, medication, and appointment), educational and motivational messages, and progress trackers and journals. In addition, CellepathicRx adherence solutions are tailored to meet disease state-specific treatment protocols preferred by your organization to provide a sustainable answer to your patients’ adherence challenge.





Enrollment call-to-action messages are seamlessly integrated into your ongoing programs and existing advertisements and are designed to allow participants to self-register in a method that fits their daily behavior. Enrollment is accomplished either through the web, by responding to an SMS text call-to-action keyword campaign or automatically by third party systems.

As part of the enrollment process, the participant may be asked to supply a foundational set of information, such as age, gender or relevant medical history allowing a base profile to be created. The system uses this profile to personalize the user experience and customize the participant’s initial management plan.

Sustainable Approach

Once registered, participants begin receiving personalized messaging and access to mobile applications pertinent to their needs and condition. A series of appropriately timed reminders assist the participant in establishing their routines of taking medicine, getting refills, maintaining tracking journals, as well as scheduling and attending doctor visits. Appropriate educational and motivational messages are interwoven to give the participant a personalized education and support mechanism to assist in removing confusion and minimizing fears about the treatment therapy. Disease State-specific tracking journals are made available to the participant as part of the CellepathicRx Adherence solution where participants are able to capture and store relevant data, view their progress, identify areas of improvement and even share with their physicians.


As participants meet or exceed defined program adherence goals of getting prescriptions filled, maintaining tracking journals, and responding to adherence surveys they can be sent “rewards” directly to their mobile phone or via e-mail, such as discounts off vitamins and OTC products.


  • Increased adherence to prescribed medication therapies
  • Improved participant health outcomes
  • More informed and engaged participants
  • Enrolled database of mobile subscribers available for relevant offers

Software as a Service (SaaS)

CellepathicRx solutions are provided as a hosted and managed service. Clients do not need to buy any additional software, hardware, or devices. CellepathicRx provides the computing environment and software infrastructure and keeps the systems up and running 24/7. The result is faster, more reliable and more cost-effective solutions.

Like all CellepathicRx solutions, the Adherence solution is fully compliant with the regulatory requirements of HIPAA concerning patient privacy and data protection.


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